A behemoth goes back the basics

This week, Coca Cola decided it was time to spend all those advertising billimillions on telling people that Coke is all about (wait for it) taste.

It had us gawking about whether this was the most obvious thing since underwear that's worn under outerwear. But it turns out there's a science to it. Open Happiness was the brand's previous big story and a much loved one too. It didn't mean all that love was showered on Coke itself. In the spotlight for being a sugar tank of a drink, with no nutritional or health benefits, we think this is a great, honest way for the brand to reach out to a whole new franchise.

The execution and aesthetics are a throwback to the 80s when the "Coca Cola is it" campaign was pouring out of every media channel you had access to. 
And for the most part it works.

Coke is about taste. Suddenly it seems like ignoring this little fact was the obvious mistake the brand had been making all this time.

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